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New details emerge from the encounter between the Proud Boys and the Keepers of the Oath


Later subpoenaed by federal prosecutors, the video showed Mr. Rhodes and Mr. Tarrio in the underground garage with a small group of others – among them Kellye SoRelle, an attorney for the Oath Keepers, who is facing charges separate criminals; Bianca Gracia, the leader of a group called Latinos for Trump; Joshua Macias, who helped lead a group called Vets for Trump; and men who appeared to be bodyguards.

For reasons that remain unclear, the video was not shown to the jury during the trial of Mr Rhodes and four other oath keepers which took place in the same federal courthouse at the end of the year last. Mr Rhodes and one of his lieutenants, Kelly Meggs, were convicted of seditious conspiracy in November.

In his turn on the witness stand, Mr Quested said he was initially drawn to the Proud Boys after Mr Trump told them to ‘stand back and stay away’ during a presidential debate with Joseph R. Biden Jr. in September 2020. A few months later, Mr. Quested accompanied the group to Washington before a pro-Trump rally on December 12 and filmed Mr. Tarrio giving a speech on the National Mall a day before the event.

Describing the speech as something of a ‘peer rally’, Mr Quested recalled how Mr Tarrio ‘was very outspoken in his desire to stand up to the stolen election’.

“‘If you want a war, well, you have one,’” he quoted Mr. Tarrio.

After the December 12 rally, a group of Proud Boys, including Mr Tarrio, removed a Black Lives Matter banner from a local church and burned it in the streets. That same night, a few members of the Proud Boys were stabbed during a fight with leftist counter-protesters.

When Mr. Tarrio returned to Washington on Jan. 4 for the events of Jan. 6, he was arrested by local police on charges of vandalism related to the burning of banners and for being in possession of two large rifle magazines. ability emblazoned with a Proud Boys symbol.

A judge released Mr. Tarrio the next day but ordered him to leave town immediately. Mr. Quested picked him up from police headquarters in Washington and took him to the Phoenix Park Hotel, where a photographer with whom Mr. Tarrio had a romantic relationship was staying. From there they went to the underground garage, Mr Quested said.

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