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New York mayor claims mandate from heaven — RT World News


Eric Adams says at interfaith breakfast that separating church and state is a bad idea

New Yorkers have slammed Mayor Eric Adams for declaring himself anointed by God, rejecting separation of church and state and blaming student shootings on a lack of prayer in schools in a series of bizarre remarks during an interfaith prayer breakfast at the New York Public Library on Tuesday.

“Don’t talk to me about separation of church and state” Adams chastised the attendees, stating “The state is the body. The church is the heart. You take the heart out of the body, the body dies.

“When we took the prayers out of the schools, guns came into the schools,” continues the mayor. Explaining that he implemented policies with a “divine approach” he promised that homelessness and domestic violence would disappear from the city “if we brought our best fight to the ring.”

Adams insisted that he “I firmly believe[d] in all [his] heart” This “God said, ‘I’m going to take the most broken person and I’m going to raise him to the rank of mayor of the most powerful city in the world’” jokingly “He could have made me mayor of Topeka, Kansas.”

Adams’ comments didn’t seem off the cuff, with his assistant Ingrid Lewis-Martin introducing him to the gathered religious leaders in the same vein. “Certainly one of the chosen ones” Adams was a mayor whose government “do not believe” to separate church and state, she said.

Many guests would have been appalled. Rabbi Abby Stein told The New York Times on Tuesday that she and “several people sharing his table” reacted with immediate horror, repeating “No no no no” like the mayor “senseless and dangerous” the remarks overwhelmed them.

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New York Civil Liberties Union director Donna Lieberman said she was “speechless” to hear Adams invective against one of the fundamental concepts of the nation. “As mayor, he is bound to respect the Constitution, which provides for the separation of Church and State,” she pointed out.

But Adams’ spokesman Fabien Levy insisted the mayor’s remarks were misinterpreted, arguing the former NYPD officer simply meant “The policies we make as an administration are rooted in the mayor’s belief in the creator.”

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