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Number of wishes, results dates… All you need to know about Parcoursup


  • 1 How many wishes can you make?

  • From January 18 to March 9, candidates will register on Parcoursup and make ten wishes (with the possibility of sub-wishes). More than 21,000 training courses are offered on the post-baccalaureate orientation platform: licences, BTS, BUT (ex-DUT), preparatory classes, etc.

    Those who wish can add ten additional wishes, drawn from among the 7,500 apprenticeship courses offered. For many of them, there are no application deadlines and it is possible to benefit from support in finding an employer.

    Parcoursup: the business of anxiety

  • 2 Will the promise of greater “transparency” be kept?

  • This year, the platform has benefited from a makeover, in particular to help candidates better understand the selection criteria for each course. The Ministry of Higher Education claims to have redesigned the site, in order to provide “clearer information” and allow candidates to more easily identify the key points (public or private training, selective or not, apprenticeship or not). …). It also promises more “transparency”, with the creation of a new section entitled “Understanding the criteria for analyzing applications”: the training courses specify the way in which they classify the application files.

  • 3 How will we be able to finalize our file?

  • After March 9, candidates will have until April 6 to provide the necessary documents requested by the training courses to which they have applied. For each wish, a few lines of motivation will be expected. And, at the end of the class council for the 2nd quarter, a “Future” sheet will also be sent with the assessment of the teachers and the opinion of the head of the establishment.

  • 4 When will the results be known?

  • From June 1st, the answers of the formations will fall over the water. Non-selective training will answer “Yes” if the candidate is accepted or “Yes, if” if he is accepted on condition that he follows a support course (refresher, tutoring, etc.). Selective formations will answer “Yes”, “Pending” or “No”. If all the answers turn out to be negative, they can turn to their high school or an Information and Orientation Center (CIO) for support. Applicants must respond to each proposal within a given time limit (no more than a few days).

    This first phase of results will end on July 13.

  • 5 When will the complementary phase start?

  • From June 15 to September 12, a new phase will take place, if the candidate has not been received in any training. He will be able to formulate up to ten new wishes in the courses that still have places.

    Then, from July 1, they will be offered personalized support from the Academic Commission for Access to Higher Education (CAAES). Purpose ? Find training for them, again depending on the places available.

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