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Painful male sexual injuries rose last year, NHS figures show


THE number of men breaking their todger during sex is rising, according to official NHS figures.

Surgeons repaired 169 fractured manhoods in the 12 months to April last year, 46 more than the previous year.

Repairs for fractured manhoods are on the riseCredit: Getty
Ron broke his member after an affair with his partner Isabella


Ron broke his member after an affair with his partner IsabellaCredit: provided

Experts believe this could show that more men are using Viagra to take a stand.

Most of the procedures involve men in their 30s, although two in their 60s had breaks in the past year.

The repair involves cutting the penis to sew up the tear.

London-based consultant urologist Gordon Muir said the breaks occur during sex when the zizi comes out and bends on the way back – usually when the woman is on top.

He said: “Most men feel a pop or crack and lose their erection.

“There are usually bruises. The penis may look like an eggplant.

“If left untreated, erectile dysfunction or scarring can cause serious long-term problems.”

Rob Andrews, 32, from Liverpool, broke his member during a Viagra-fueled romp with partner Isabella Woolf.

She said: “I jumped on him and heard a crack.

“At the hospital, x-rays confirmed a broken penis. Fortunately, he is recovered!


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