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Pat McGeer, Well-Known Social Credit kingmaker, dies at 95


Pat McGeer, Famous Social Credit kingmaker, dies at 95, #Pat #McGeer #Famous #Social #Credit #kingmaker #mut Welcome to WhichLEDLight BlogThis is the latest news and trending broadcast we have for you today::

Patrick Lucey “Pat” McGeer aka Pat McGeer was a Canadian physician, professor, and medical researcher. He was the main author of the inflammatory hypothesis of the disease. Previously, he was a basketball player who competed in the 1948 Summer Olympics.

He was also a politician and also a member of the Cabinet of British Columbia from 1078 to 1986. Most British Columbians will remember him as a Politician.

Basketball Star, Politician and Scientist, Pat McGeer has died at the age of 95

Former Basketball Player, Neuroscientist, and Cabinet Minister, Pat McGeer died on August 29, 2022, at the age of 95. He died at his Point Gray home on Monday . The cause of his death has not yet been announced. His family members said they deal with this situation privately.

His family and relatives are heartbroken and saddened to hear this news. He was the most brilliant person who ever worked for politics.

Pat McGeer Nativity and Early Life

Pat McGeer was born on June 29, 1927, in Vancouver, Canada. The McGeer Family has lived in Vancouver since the 1980s when Irish immigrant James McGeer settled in Mt Pleasant. Not much is known about Pat’s Family.

According to the resource, he was from a political background. His many family members including his grandfather and uncle were well-known politicians in Canada.

Who is Pat McGeer’s Wife?

Edith McGeer is Pat’s wife who is a Canadian Neuroscientist and co-founder of Aurin Biotech. She is also a renowned researcher at the UBC Faculty of Medicine in her own right. Both McGeer families have written 760 scientific publications and in 1995 were awarded a lifetime achievement award by the Science Council of British Columbia.

Professional Career of Pat McGeer

In August 2012, McGeer and his wife Edith founded Aurin Biotech Inc, following indications that the Aurintricarboxylic acid (ATA) complex inhibits the activation of the Complement system. Aurin was founded to explore the efficacy of using ATA and related compounds in the treatment of these diseases.

In his early days, he was a professional basketball player. He was on the UBC team that defeated the Harlem Globetrotters in 1946 and on the Canadian team in the 1948 Olympics in London.

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Most people remember him as a Politician. He was elected a liberal MLA in 1962. McGeer was a prominent member of several Scored cabinets between 1976 and 1986, at various times serving as minister of Education, Universities, Science, Communication and International Trade. In 1986, he left politics to return to his old job in the Faculty of Medicine at UBC.

Pat McGeer Education

McGeer attended Magee High School, playing on three championship basketball teams. McGeer graduated from UBC in 1948 with a BA then went to Princeton for his Ph.D. in 1951 and MD at UBC in 1958. He became a professor at the UBC Faculty of Medicine and remained so until his retirement.

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