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Pensions: Ciotti ready to “vote a fair reform”


In the “Journal du Dimanche”, Éric Ciotti says he is ready to vote for the pension reform, provided that it is “fair”. And this, for the sake of “coherence and responsibility”. “Our demography is changing, and the ratio between working people and retirees is in the process of being reversed: there were 4 working people for 1 retired person in the 1970s; today there are 1.7. Any reasonable person understands that the current system cannot survive without being reformed, ”says the Republican boss. “You have to have the courage to reform,” he adds.

But, in the long term, retirement, when would it be possible? At 64? At 65? “For me, this reform must be spread over two five-year terms, by 2032. I think that the legal retirement age could be set at the end of this period at 64, with a stage at 63 in 2027,” he replies.

“Less than €1,000 gross per month is unworthy”

But it is only under certain conditions that the Republicans will vote for the project which will be presented by Élisabeth Borne on Tuesday, January 10. “I insisted a lot that the question of long careers be taken into account. We don’t want a system where those who started working very early are heavily penalized,” says the leader of the right.

As for the minimum pension of €1,200, it will have to apply to all retirees. “It must apply retroactively to current retirees who benefit from the most modest pensions. This will be one of the conditions of our vote: we want the situation of future and current retirees to be considerably improved. Today, 3 out of 10 retired French people receive less than €1,000 gross per month, it’s outrageous”.

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