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Pensions: the most modest “least concerned” by postponing the age


The most modest French people will be the “least concerned” by the postponement of the retirement age to 64 provided for by the government reform, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne argued on France Inter on Saturday. “I cannot allow it to be said that this reform would penalize modest people. It’s exactly the opposite,” said the head of government, eager to “convince” of the merits of the project intended to “save” the pay-as-you-go pension system.

“These modest people are the ones who are least asked to shift their starting age,” she added. They will also be “the most affected” by the revaluation of small pensions to 1,200 euros. “Those whose working hours will lengthen the least are the first two deciles (of the lowest incomes, editor’s note), and a little bit the third decile”, detailed the Prime Minister. “The poorest 20% of French people are those who are least asked to work longer”. “The wealthiest 50% of French people will have the most to shift the starting age”, she further developed.

The dialogue is “not broken”

INSEE is used to classifying household living standards between 10 groups, the “deciles”. Thus, in 2019, the standard of living of the 10% of the poorest people (first decile) was less than 11,660 euros per year, while the standard of living of the wealthiest 10% (9th decile) was greater than 39,930 euros. annual.

The government’s plan aims to gradually raise the retirement age to 64, instead of the current 62, while accelerating the extension of the contribution period.

The main unions, unanimously opposed to this reform, announced a first day of strikes and demonstrations on January 19. The whole of the left called to join the mobilization. Polls also show that the French are mostly hostile to the reform.

The Prime Minister assured that the dialogue with the trade unions was “not broken” and that the text could “move” during the parliamentary debate. But she said she feared that the filing promised by rebellious France of tens of thousands of amendments “would not facilitate (this) debate”. She also “noted” that the statements of the heads of LR, which she received Thursday at Matignon, “seemed to go in (the) direction” of a vote on their part in favor of the reform. The Republicans had claimed “a success” after obtaining changes in the reform project.

On hardship and its prevention, she recalled that employees benefited in another law from “reinforced medical monitoring” from the age of 45, and that “it will be necessary to recruit occupational doctors, nurses”, specifying that occupational health services were managed by the social partners.

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