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Pilot Cory Patterson Stolen Plane Threatening to Crash It Into Walmart


Pilot Cory Patterson Stolen Plane Threatens to Crash into Walmart, #Pilot #Cory #Patterson #Stolen #Plane #Threatened #Crash #Walmart Welcome to WhichLEDLight BlogThis is the latest news and trending broadcast we have for you today::

Mississippi man Cory Patterson has been identified as the man who stole a jet from the Tupelo airport and threatened to fly into a local Walmart before landing safely in a field hours later.

Cory Patterson was arrested after allegedly stealing a small plane

The rogue employee eventually landed in a field after five hours flying over Tupelo, Mississippi, and came close to running out of gasoline. Law enforcement officials told the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal that the suspect had been identified as Cory Patterson. The Police have not yet publicly confirmed the suspect’s identity.

Under a post on a Facebook account in Patterson’s name, the worker appeared to send a disturbing goodbye note to his family.

The message – which has since been deleted from Facebook – read: ‘Sorry everyone. He never genuinely wanted to hurt anyone. I adore my parents and my sister this is not your fault. Goodbye.’

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office verified that the jet had landed safely and a suspect had been arrested. The jet, described as a Beechcraft King Air 90, had started circling over Tupelo, Mississippi, around 5am and had been in the air for more than five hours.

The flight path was shown to be erratic over Tupelo

But the worker was then seen heading north around Ripley Airport. The tank only holds five hours of fuel and authorities believe the plane was dangerously close to running low. The worker from the Tupelo Regional Airport was confirmed by Official Journal sources.

Authorities reported that the worker had threatened to vandalize the Walmart in Tupelo. A Twitter user tweeted a video of the plane, writing: “Right now we have a 29-year-old man who stole this plane and is threatening to crash into something.”

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The user also reported police, ambulances, and fire trucks were everywhere. The Walmart, an adjacent Dodge car dealership, and entire communities were reported evacuated in Tupelo. A Twitter user said: “My parents’ area is being evacuated.” A representative for Walmart said: “The store is currently closed and evacuated.”

“We are working closely with local investigations and are referring questions to law enforcement.” Governor Tate Reeves posted a statement on Twitter: “State law enforcement and emergency managers are actively monitoring this dangerous situation. “All people should be alert and informed with updates from the Tupelo Police Department.” Officials have urged people to avoid the area until all clearance is given.

On Cory Patterson’s parents, there is currently no known information.

Cory Patterson’s career, what is his profession?

An airport worker stole a plane and threatened to crash it into a Walmart in Mississippi. The rogue employee eventually landed in a field after five hours of flying. Law enforcement sources told local media that the suspect has been identified as Cory Patterson.

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