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Report: UEFA Fines 8 Clubs For Violations Of Financial Fair Play And Places Man City On A Watchlist


Report: UEFA Fines 8 Clubs For Violations Of Financial Fair Play And Puts Man City On Watch List, #Rapport #UEFA #Multi #Clubs #Violaccións #Finanzjarju #Fair #Play #Postijiet #Bniedem #Belt #Watchlist Welcome to WhichLEDLight BlogThis is the latest news and trending broadcast we have for you today::

This year, UEFA will scrutinize Manchester City’s finances after fining eight teams for failing to meet Financial Fair Play criteria.

The Club Financial Control Body has penalized Paris Saint-Germain, Inter Milan, Juventus, Roma, AC Milan, Marseille, Monaco, and Besiktas a total of €172 million for failing to meet the break-even limit for the 2021/22 UEFA club tournaments. .

Only €26 million will be paid immediately, with the remainder contingent on each club’s compliance with their respective settlement agreements.

Regarding Manchester City, UEFA stated that the Blues were “technically able to reach the break-even limit” but warned them that, from the beginning of the next fiscal year, any assistance they obtained from emergency measures of the -Covid-19 or previous break-even results will no longer be accepted.

Consequently, UEFA has requested more financial information from City and 18 other clubs and will monitor them closely over the next year to ensure they comply with the regulations moving forward.

A UEFA statement said: “The First Chamber of the CFCB also observed that 19 other clubs that took part in the 2021/22 UEFA club competitions, namely Borussia Dortmund, Chelsea FC, FC Barcelona, ​​​​FC Basel 1893, 1.FC Union Berlin, Fenerbahçe SK. , Feyenoord, Leicester City FC, Manchester City FC, Olympique Lyonnais, Rangers, Real Betis Balompié, Royal Antwerp FC, Sevilla FC, SS Lazio, SSC Napoli, Trabzonspor AŞ, VFL Wolfsburg and West Ham United FC, could technically fulfill the Requirement of break-even thanks to the application of the COVID-19 emergency measures and/or because they benefited from historical positive break-even results (T-3 and T-4).

“The First Chamber of the CFCB reminded these clubs that from the financial year 2023 this exceptional reduction of the COVID and the consideration of the historical financial results will no longer be possible. These clubs have been asked for additional financial information and will be closely monitored in the coming period. The aim is of course for the overall financial situation of the clubs to be in line with the UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Sustainability Regulations – 2022 Edition in the coming years.”

Of the eight penalized clubs, PSG must pay the highest penalty of €10 million, followed by Roma with €5 million, Inter with €4 million, Juventus with €3.5 million, and AC Milan with €2.5 million . In the following three or four years, outstanding balances will be contingent on settlement agreements.

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