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Rudy Giuliani warns of FBI’s attempt to ‘overthrow’ government in Bonkers clip


Giuliani, in a week he faced multiple legal challenges, joined Newsmax to weigh in on what he called a ‘stunning’ report by special counsel John Durham, who found the FBI’s measures “extremely inconvenient” but refrained from recommending new charges in his Russia-Trump investigation.

“And they are very ready to [fix] next one because no one, not one person, has been held accountable and for that this guy should be held in defiance of anyone who cares about the law, as well as Bill Barr,” Giuliani said of Durham and Trump’s former attorney general.

“Letting it go, with all these people walking free on TV. These people tried to overthrow our government. This is serious conduct, if you treat it the way it is, then they keep doing it.

Giuliani, whose lawyer’s license was suspended in New York following his efforts to overturn the 2020 election, joined Newsmax’s Eric Bolling program after the anchor repeated GOP talking points about the FBI being “politicized” and “armed”.

His ramblings came the same day that Republican efforts led by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) heard from two former FBI agents during a hearing on the “weaponizing” of the government committee, agents who the FBI says , interfered or refused to participate in investigations into the deadly Capitol riot.

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