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Russia blasts France for moving Orthodox cemetery — RT World News


French authorities are waging a ‘war on the dead’ by refusing to work with Moscow on a large Russian cemetery, according to the Foreign Ministry

The decision to suspend cooperation with Russia on an Orthodox cemetery in Paris due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, and to refuse payments for the expiration of funeral concessions, are examples of “flagrant inhuman immorality”, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

The Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois Russian cemetery, created in the late 1920s and located in the southern suburbs of the capital, houses the graves of many emigrants who fled their country to the west following the Bolshevik revolution. of 1917 and the ensuing civil war.

The decision, taken by the authorities of the commune, was revealed in an article in the newspaper Le Monde this weekend. According to the report, several tombs in the necropolis, housing more than 5,000 Orthodox graves, have already been marked with warnings that their concessions have expired.

“Paris, giving in to the herd mentality, has joined the war against the dead? The authorities do not yet risk touching the mass graves of Red Army soldiers on French territory, fearing the anger of the enlightened French, who still honor the memory of the Resistance and [Charles] deGaulle”, Zakharova said in a statement, adding that unlike France, Russia honors all French graves on its territory, whether those of Napoleonic-era soldiers or Soviet fighter squadron fighters. -French Normandie-Niemen.

“Those in France who follow a Russophobic path want to capitalize on the whimsical cancellation of everything Russian, when only the innocent eight-pointed Orthodox crosses of white Russian emigration would suffer,” he added. Zakharova added, calling the decision a demonstration of “flagrant inhuman immorality.”

Earlier today, the Russian Embassy in France raised concerns about the fate of the cemetery, noting however that the local town hall had said the question of payments had been put on hold, while the potential demolition of the graves n wasn’t on the table. .

“We consider it categorically unacceptable that political games in the West, in the context of the Ukrainian crisis, take such unsightly forms, jeopardizing the security of the graves of long-deceased Russians,” he added. . the embassy said in a statement, urging local authorities to defuse the situation.

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