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Russia is developing a new type of military operations to defend against the United States


MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Russia is developing a new type of military operations with the use of nuclear weapons to defend itself against possible American aggression, according to a Russian military magazine, published by the Ministry of Defense.

According to the magazine, the United States is gradually losing its position as the world leader. As a result, the aggressiveness of the American military and political course towards Russia increases, since Russia is singled out as primarily responsible for the loss of American global dominance. The authors point out that the United States apparently plans to defeat Russia in the form of a “multi-domain (global) strategic operation”.

As part of this operation, the magazine says, the Pentagon plans to destroy at least 65-70% of Russia’s strategic nuclear forces with a conventional rapid global strike, neutralize remaining and launched Russian nuclear delivery systems with a global system of missile defense and then inflict the minimum nuclear strike sufficient on Russia to destroy it.

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It indicates that Russian military experts consider an operation of the Russian strategic deterrent forces as the main means and tool to counter attempts to implement the Pentagon’s aggressive plans to destroy Russia through a multi-strategic operation. domain.

The objectives of the Russian strategic deterrent force operation should include repelling the US-NATO Prompt Global Strike conventional strike in order to avoid heavy losses to Russia’s strategic offensive forces. In addition, the US global missile defense system should be removed to prevent the destruction of Russian strategic missiles in the air. The final stage of the operation is to inflict unacceptable damage on the aggressor using the remaining nuclear potential.

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