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Samne Wali Khidki ULLU App Web Series Full Episode Actress Name Wiki Biography Age


Samne Wali Khidki ULLU App Web Series Full Episode Actress Name Wiki Biography Age, #Samne #Wali #Khidki #ULLU #App #Web #Series #Full #Episode #Actress #Wiki #Biography #Age Welcome to WhichLEDLight BlogThis is the latest news and trending broadcast we have for you today::

Hello, all you internet show lovers, finally your patience will run out as the official makers of ULLU are ready to make you feel over the top, as another electrifying and fantasy series “Samne Wali Khidki” is coming to occupy yours. heart while providing the amazing story. But first of all, you must be eager to get the comprehensive details about the series, along with the release date and time, spoiler, preview, and star cast. Because before anything, the admirer should know the essential information so, they could not miss watching the series.

According to the exclusive reports or sources, the makers are releasing the serial “Saamne Wali Khidki” on Tuesday, 6 September 2022 on ULLU officials. So be ready to catch the series because there are only a few moments left in the broadcast and you will receive your favorite one. Even, this time the makers are promising to provide someone great to such an extent, and therefore, everyone is eagerly waiting to watch the series. In order to be able to get what they need to have, everyone wants to receive something to make their day over the top, therefore, almost everyone is keeping an eye on every activity of the makers.

Samne Wali Khidki Ullu App

If we talk about the spoiler, the story revolves around a couple who settled in a new building after getting married, and lived their life in a big way. But a twist comes when a girl falls for her boss and begins to betray her husband, when he finds out about all this he is crushed enough. Even, although she argues with her by saying that it is her choice and she can do what she wants, he could not bear the pain of betraying her and starts consuming stuff drunk and then spontaneously beats a girl in a drunken state.

Star Cast:-

  • Ayushi Jaiswal
  • Ruks Khandagale
  • Suraj Singh

Little by little, he starts going out with her as she also shows some interest and every day she comes to see him from the balcony as she stands right in front of his flat. Then it’s a day when you ask for a date and cut and there is a quality in a place that seems to be of love, so it becomes a crime to fulfill their desire in getting closer to each other.


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