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Shaquille O’Neal believes Earth is flat ‘It’s a Theory’


Shaquille O’Neal, usually referred to as Shaq, is a former American professional basketball player who is reported to be a sports analyst on the TV program Inside the NBA. Shaquille O’Neal is considered one of the best basketball players and centers of all time. He is a 7-foot-1-inch (2.16 m), 325-pound (147 kg) center who reportedly played for six teams during his 19-year career in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and is also of four teams. NBA champion time. Despite his basketball career, Shaquille O’Neal has released four rap albums, with his first, Shaq Diesel, going platinum. Shaquille O’Neal is also an electronic music producer, and touring DJ, known as DIESEL.

Shaquille O’Neal is not convinced that the Earth is round particularly since his plane finally ‘flies straight’ rather than diagonally. It’s a theory, It’s just a theory, they teach us a ton of things, pointed out Shaquille O’Neal when asked on The Kyle and Jackie O Show if he kept his remarks he made in 2017 about the world being flat. Then, at that point, he used his recent flight from the United States to Australia as an illustration to reinforce his scientific theories. I flew 20 hours today, not once I go this way he said, signaling his arm diagonally. I went straight up, before adding that he did not jump or go upside down during said journey. Radio host Kyle Sandiland asked how anyone could travel to the opposite side of the world anyway. It is still a straight line, the former competitor, 50, believes, does not go under. The NBA legend who has no science degree similarly shared his questions about whether the Earth shines.

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Shaquille O’Neal Still Has A Theory That The Earth Is Flat

Shaquille O’Neal explained his comments about the Earth being flat after taking a flight from the United States to Australia. The 50-year-old NBA legend was asked during an appearance on The Kyle and Jackie O Show on the off chance that his previous remarks about the conspiracy theory were a ‘joke’ or believed to be true. It’s a theory, Shaquille O’Neal told Kyle Sandilands and Jackie Henderson. It’s just a theory, they show us many things. It’s simply a theory, it’s rehashed. The former LA Lakers star explained his reasoning using the example of his last flight from the United States to Australia for example.

I flew 20 hours today, not once did I go along the way Shaquille O’Neal said, taking note that he did not change or went topsy turvy. He added that he is also uncertain about whether the world is spinning. Do you notice that they say the world goes round? I have been living on a lake for a very long time and I have never seen the lake move to the left or right, he told audience members. At the point when Kyle referred that it is feasible to go from the United States to Australia from both coasts, Shaquille O’Neal replied, It’s still a straight line.

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