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Shaquille O’Neal posted a photo of his amazing physical transformation on Instagram


Shaquille O’Neal is 50 years old and still looks great. The NBA Hall of Famer just posted a shirtless video on his Instagram account to show off the results of all his persistent effort in the gym. In 2020, the retired NBA player, also called ‘Shaq’, overcame a progression of individual misfortunes, lack of motivation and a poor lifestyle. After a year, he has made some significant improvements in his life and is currently in a much improved place mentally and physically.

When he was playing, Shaquille O’Neal had a compelling reason to watch his eating routine. Nevertheless, with age, this changed, and the former player concluded that enough was enough, and waited to get back in shape. Read on to find out how he did it. Shaquille O’Neal often quotes Aristotle’s words to illustrate his eating habits, ‘You are what you repeatedly do. He discussed how his eating habits have changed since he stopped playing professional basketball.

Shaquille O’Neal said that his diet was much more fun when he was playing and that what he has now is the most difficult he has in every point necessary to follow. He ate two club sandwiches, French fries, and a pineapple soft drink before the games, which was an intriguing decision. At the point when O’Neal was young, he pulled off a ton of bad eating habits. However, his body couldn’t handle this in the long run, so he tries to eat clean now and occasionally have his favorite foods.

Shaquille O’Neal Shows Off His Toned Physique In Shirtless Photo Posted On Instagram

Shaquille O’Neal is 50 years old and looks to be in the best shape of his life. The NBA Hall of Famer has spoken publicly at many events about how he needs to drop the thirst traps in his fifties, and he simply flaunted the results of all his persistent effort in the gym in a clip new shirtless on Instagram. On the video, the voice plays says, ‘When you’re as old as dirt, but still look young and good as slime. In a Gym & Fridge interview with Men’s Health last year, Shaq aka Shaquille O’Neal revealed that his essential exercise objective as he approached 50 was to ‘just have flat stomach,’ and turning his ‘4.9 pack’ into an ‘8-pack’, a goal that involves a completely different fitness regime.

My least favorite thing about working out is assuming I need to run on the treadmill, he said, adding jokingly, ‘I can’t run anymore, and it’s miserable! I used to be the best competitor ever, and right now I need to get on the treadmill! It’s so embarrassing in the gym when you see the little guys who put the high speeds and got their beautiful shapes and I’m just on the treadmill, walking. Miserable! Be that as it may, I will bring it back. Since he’s focused on these fitness goals, Shaq admits that his eating routine isn’t as fun as it used to be, considering that one particular pregame meal included two club sandwiches, fries, and a soda pineapple. My objective is, at 50, to take my shirt off once, show women how good I am, and put it back on, he said. Moreover, here he is, at the age of 50, doing precisely that.

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