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Sherri Shepherd poster replaces Wendy Williams’ billboard ahead of the new show’s premiere


Sherri Shepherd’s face is now around where the Wendy Williams poster used to be.

Here’s everything you need to know.

The Wendy Williams poster has been replaced with the Sherri Shepherd billboard

Sherri Shepherd is getting ready to launch her new daytime talk show and her promotions have already started.

Most recently, a large poster of Shepherd’s face was plastered right outside Chelsea Studios in New York City on Thursday. It replaced the place where the Wendy Williams billboard once stood.

Despite this, fans were also quick to point out that Shepherd will film her next show in the exact studio where Williams shot the famous The Wendy Williams Show.


In addition, the production crew reported to TMZ that the redesign of the studio is going quite well. They also revealed that the set will be repainted in bright and cheerful colors. It will reflect the personality of the 55-year-old comedian.

The tones are reported to be light blue and yellow which are quite similar to Shepherd’s new poster.

Additionally, insiders claim that Shepherd’s latest venture is reportedly booked until the fall. They mentioned that Shepherd will likely invite a few of her famous celebrity friends over during the show’s premiere week.

Wendy Williams is not sold on Sherri Shepherd’s new show

Wendy Williams revealed that she won’t be watching Sherri Shepherd’s upcoming show while talking to Fat Joe during an interview on May 6, 2022.

The 58-year-old host shared, ‘I won’t be watching her because I know what she’s going to do and it’s not really my thing. Um, you know? Do you know what I’m saying?’

She quickly turned the subject to herself and said, ‘But I love, I love being on my show. And I love that people love to watch it, you know, all the time.’

Williams had been on an indefinite absence from The Wendy Williams Show since October 2021 following medical issues.

Sherri Shepherd
Photo: SplashNews.com

Regardless, the syndicated daytime talk show featured guest hosts including Leah Remini, Michelle Visage, Whitney Cummings along with Shepherd.

However, earlier this year it was announced that Shepherd was going to take talks on her own new album which is entitled, ‘Sherri.’

The show will replace Williams’ iconic series and will hit TV screens on September 12, 2022.

Meanwhile, Williams is set to launch her own podcast called, ‘The Wendy Experience.’


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