Skull and Bones Relics of the Past: How to find the Lost Sea People Relic

The Relics of the Past contract in Skull and Bones is likely your first taste of treasure hunting in the game. When you acquire this quest from the Sea People Merchant in Vorona Falls, you’ll be tasked with using a map to hunt down a long-lost relic. This is the first of many treasure maps you can acquire in the game, but they’re fairly straightforward.

This map in particular offers a small-scale drawing of the place you’re looking for, plus a little text entry that provides you with a clue. If you’re not quite at this stage yet, you might still be trying to gather Acacia to outfit your ship with better parts. Either way, here’s how to solve the treasure map and find the Lost Sea People Relic so you can complete Relics of the Past.

Relics of the Past treasure map solution

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