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“Sleeping Around with Men don’t Work for Every Woman. Know your Strength” Blessing CEO says (Video).


“Sleeping with men doesn’t work for every woman. Know your strength” Blessing CEO says (Video)., #quotSleeping #Men #don039t #Work #Woman #Strengthquot #Blessing #CEO #Video Welcome to WhichLEDLight BlogThis is the latest news and trending broadcast we have for you today::

Nigerian marriage expert, Blessing CEO, has taken to social media to advise her female friends on issues relating to intimacy and their abilities, as she revealed one of the many things that every woman in -society cannot succeed with their male counterparts.

The influencer of the firm that made such a revelation through a video uploaded on its official Instagram page, stated that while many women are destined to chase after men, others choose to become productive with their hands and ‘mind, and she is among those women who choose to work rather than depend on men for their needs.

The mother of two children went on to recall how her mother tried to understand that some women are meant to build wealth with men while others are meant only to enter and enjoy the wealth of their partners, adding that women do not they should have intimacy with their husbands. male counterparts because their female peers are successful in doing so.

Blessing CEO continued to advise women that they should know their capabilities, adding that many women who chase after men for material benefits do not know what they carry in them and their purposes on Earth.

The businesswoman also called the women, as she advised them to start putting their hands and minds to work, rather than depending on men for money, adding that she always feels robbed every time a man gives her money.

According to Blessing CEO, she always feels that she can earn more money every time a man offers her money.

The relationship counselor finally advised women to know their strength and stop following their female friends to chase after men, because they see that they are progressing in such activities.

Below is the post of Blessing CEO;

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