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Spencer Strider’s new jersey number is the embodiment of Stache N Gas


Atlanta Braves star Spencer Strider wears a jersey number tied with his radar gun exploits.

Spencer Strider sports an Atlanta Braves jersey number to show he’s a major league launcher now.

Atlanta’s Wild Thing has been making the heart of Braves Country sing with absolutely explosive Stache N Gas-ed excellence all summer long. No wonder the Braves went on to win when Strider and The Troublemakers were called up last season. So while much of Braves Country gathered at The Battery on Saturday for Braves Fest, Strider once again showed he loves to party like it’s 1999.

Since Rick Vaughn thrived in Cleveland, we haven’t seen a man give you 99 problems at home plate.

Atlanta Braves fireball Spencer Strider brings the heat with his new number

99 revolutions or 99 red balloons in the sky, it’s turned a green day for Strider’s growing bank account, as his golden fingers are poised to go platinum in The ATL. You only live once, but one day it will be hard to explain why 12:51 p.m. is the most magical time of day. Every five days is Strokes Day at the Braves clubhouse, as this man with the stately mustache travels to Atlanta.

Christmas was only a few weeks ago, but as First impressions of Earth, we’re going to have to spend our hard-earned money again in January. I’m not saying #99 Strider jerseys will fly off the shelf like #12 Tom Brady jerseys, but neither am I. not say that. The man has long surpassed the status of a cult hero. The living legend of Stache N Gas grows by the nanosecond.

Truth be told, The Peach State’s single most popular jersey will be No. 13 in Georgia Red. Although it will cost you $65.07, I think you can get Strider #99 for just a few installments at a price of $12.51. We could go for 40s, but we’re going to this party later, so maybe that’s not a guy’s idea, Edward. Last night we didn’t know what to spend our next paycheck on, but now we do!

Of all the gin joints in every city in the world, Strider takes to the mound to bring the fire.


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