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Spotted turkeys for £2 at Asda so caught 12


A SAVVY customer who bought twelve identical food items from the cut-price section of a supermarket has insisted she doesn’t mind people ‘blaming’ her for not saving some for others.

Charlotte Webb took to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group and posted a photo of many turkey crowns stacked in her shopping cart.

Charlotte Webb was delighted after bagging 12 £2 turkeys in the cut-price section of a supermarketCredit: Facebook / ExtremeCouponingAndBargainsUK

Alongside the image, she wrote: ‘£2 each to Chester Asda, got 12, and whoever wants to put my message on the slate, I don’t care.’

She then went on to justify herself: “I gave 3 to my family, I saved some for my daughter who loves turkey (she has autism) and I always help the community with a pantry in my utility, so everything will serve well.

“No food waste here.

“I will put 1 in the bag when someone asks for help with food, canned vegetables and gravy for a meal for them.”

It wasn’t long before the post quickly garnered an impressive 3,500 likes and was inundated with comments.

“Good deal, great find,” enthused one.

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A second praised: ‘Good on you – such a shame people have to justify themselves here.’

A third reassures: “Never explain yourself to anyone.”

Meanwhile, a fourth congratulated: “Wow! That’s awesome! Well done.”

Another wrote, “Well done! I love it when people do great deals.”

And another admitted: ‘If I could fit that much in my freezer I’d be the same.

However, elsewhere, others had the same question.

“Why do people say how many they bought? asked one.

A second noted: “But you know you could save yourself the aggro of feeling like you have to explain yourself or people’s comments by just posting a picture of a single turkey and not mentioning the 12.

“I would, but I won’t say how many I picked up.”

Another agreed: “I still don’t know why people bother to say how much they bought when they know they will get negative feedback about it.

“If you don’t want to bother responding to negative reviews, don’t say how many you bought, no one needs to know how many you bought.”

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