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Stray Kids Releases “MAXIDENT” Trailer and Confirm 2022 Comeback


The popular boy band Stray Kids are planning to make their comeback with their new song “Maxident”. A trailer for the song has also been shared on social media and fans are very excited about the band’s comeback. The band should arrive in the month of October this year. As soon as they announced a release date for their next song.

Read on to know more about Stray Kids and the arrival of their new song Maxident.

Stray Kids drop a trailer for a new song

Stray Kids has been popular among its fans since 2018 when it was formed. The boy band gave some great performances and songs too. However, their fans have been missing the band for quite some time. But now they are excited as the boy band has dropped a hint as to when their fans can have them back.

Recently this week the Stray Kids dropped a trailer for their new song and that announced when the fans can see the group back with their masterpiece. Well yes, the boy band is all set to release their new song and we have dates for its release.

Stray Kids coming soon with their new song “Maxident”

It was at midnight on September 6th KST that the boy band Stray Kids came out with the trailer of their new song. Which had the announcement about the release and timings of the new song as well. Not to be missed, this year only the band came out with their mini album “ODDINARY”. Which had the title track as “MANIAC”.

But now, after the March release of their album, MAXIDENT is what all fans have been waiting for. In the two-minute video trailer for their next song. As one can see the band members are in different cities doing different things. Although one may not understand by the trailer what the song is about. However, fans expect something amazing from them again.

JUNG YEON-JE/AFP via Getty Images

MAXIDENT will be released this October

According to the recent release of the trailer for MAXIDENT. We want to have the song arrive in the month of October. How can we have it on October 7th this year. Time to catch up on the song’s release is 1 pm KST.

Moreover, with the next song, the boy band’s fans have high expectations. Since the band has given some hit songs in the past as well. Therefore, this time the fans are expecting something different and better.

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