Suns’ Kevin Durant becomes latest star athlete to roast sports bettors who lash out after losing money

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With sports betting being everywhere these days, Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant took the opportunity to call out those who approach him on social media. Durant posted on X this week that he doesn’t want to hear from bettors who lose money based on his performance on the court.

“When I get ya paid, u don’t DM me and send a small percentage to my CashApp but when them parlays don’t hit, I’m every name in the book. Y’all ain’t real,” Durant wrote.

Since sports betting has become legal in many states across the United States, it’s become quite common for fans to tweet and message athletes when a bet that they placed doesn’t hit. Durant is the latest in a growing list of athletes to push back against that behavior.

Does Durant have a case in saying that fans should thank him more when he helps them win their parlays? It’s certainly a fair point since the Suns star normally puts up absurd scoring numbers on a nightly basis.

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