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“The Bandits Came To Friday Prayer In Zamfara Disguised As Muslims And Started Shooting” – Eyewitness


“The Bandits Came For Friday Prayers In Zamfara Disguised As Muslims And Started Shooting” – Shhud Eye, #quotThe #Bandits #Friday #Prayer #Zamfara #Hidden #Musulmani #Bdew #Spararquot #Shud Eyeli WhichLEDLight BlogThis is the latest news and trending broadcast we have for you today::

According to PM Online News, bandits abducted a large number of worshipers on Friday from a mosque in Zugu Town, Bukkuyun local government area of ​​Zamfara State. According to reports, the mosque was targeted at around 1:30 pm while Muslim worshipers were performing Friday Prayers.

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In reality, Abdulkareem Bilyaminu, a witness who spoke to the newspaper about the attack, said that the muhajirs entered the mosque under the pretext of coming to worship before they started shooting randomly.

“The bandits arrived at the mosque as the Muslims were doing Friday prayers, and after a while, they started attacking the worshippers,” he claimed. While some people, including the Deputy Chief Imam, were cornered and led to Gando Forest, most of them ran for cover amid the gunfire.

He recalls that a few months ago, a similar attack took place in the Church of Saint Francis, Owo in Ondo State.

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