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The best moments of Jake Tapper’s one-on-one with Bill Maher



In an exclusive hour-long session with CNN’s Jake Tapper that aired Tuesday night, comedian and political commentator Bill Maher discussed a variety of topics including Donald Trump, the 2024 presidential election, transgender issues and the best weed. that he ever had.

Listen to Bill Maher’s definition of “woke”

Maher describes his frustration with the evolving meaning of “awakening” and how he feels it has deviated from the original intent.

Bill Maher Jake Tapper

Listen to Bill Maher’s prediction for the 2024 election

Maher explains how he thinks the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidential election might play out.

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Maher: ‘Woke’ community wants to ‘close the debate’ on transgender issues

Tapper asks Maher for his perspective on a recent backlash comedians have faced for their comments about the transgender community.

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Bill Maher tells Tapper why he’s ‘afraid’ of Trump on a ‘very personal level’

Bill Maher reveals to Jake Tapper why he is “afraid of Trump” on a “very personal level” and discusses the former president’s past behavior towards the comedian.

Maher weeds

Bill Maher on his favorite weed he’s ever smoked

Bill Maher goes back to his college days to remember the best weed he ever had…and how he hasn’t had ‘Acapulco Gold’ since!

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