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The most valuable bills sell for between $4,600 and $7,400


Bills gathering dust in your wallet or dresser can be worth up to $7,400 if they have a single item.

Paper money has been around since the 1960s.

We collect the most valuable invoices, based on the latest eBay listings

As Americans have switched to digital currency, some notes could be very valuable.

This could be for a multitude of reasons, including quality and condition.

For example, as with coins, banknotes are assigned a rating between 1 and 70 by a certification service – normally the higher the number the more it is worth.

And if a note is rated between 1 and 58, that means the note is in circulation, which is intended for use in day-to-day transactions.

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Anything over 58 means it’s not in circulation and was meant to be more of a collector’s item.

Another reason a bill could become valuable is due to errors or a unique item highly sought after by collectors.

This includes both irrational serial numbers and misprints.

Here are some of the most valuable invoices that have recently sold online and are worth thousands of dollars.

1. $1,000 note from 1934 – $4,600

The $1,000 bill has a mule


The $1,000 bill has a mule

It’s been a long time since the $1,000 bill came into circulation – the last time it was printed was in 1945.

But some of them are quite valuable including one made in 1934.

An example certified by Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) in an Extremely Fine (XF) 45 grade sold for $4,550 online.

This particular bill has a mule, according to the seller.

This happens when overlap occurs in the printing process – creating different sized plates on opposite sides.

The sold ticket also features a red ink mark over the R in the word “Federal”.

It is not known if this happened in the printing process.

The $500, $1,000, $5,000, and $10,000 notes were all discontinued in July 1969 by the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve.

2. 1869 $5 bill – $5,300

This is called a rainbow grade, which has been certified in a high grade


This is called a rainbow grade, which has been certified in a high grade

Many know Andrew Jackson on a $20 bill – but maybe not on a $5 bill.

This was the case on an 1869 banknote, which features a unique variety of colors known as “Rainbow Notes”.

As you would expect, it has several visible colors on the beak like blue, red, green, and pink.

But what really adds to its value is the condition it is in.

The invoice, which recently sold on eBay for $5,329.89, was certified by Professional Coin Grading Services to a 64 PPQ rating.

3. 1928 $1,000 note – $5,400

This $1,000 is part of the 1928 series


This $1,000 is part of the 1928 series

Another rare note comes from St. Louis and is part of the 1928 $1,000 series.

An example recently sold for $5,412.

The seller claimed, “The 1928 series banknotes are very hard to find, especially in good condition!”

Although the rating is unclear and has not been certified, this did not stop buyers from submitting a total of 47 bids.

4. 1934 $500 bill – $7,400

The $500 note was certified by PMG in a grade 64 EPQ


The $500 note was certified by PMG in a grade 64 EPQ

A note with a face value of $500 tops this list.

It is part of the 1934 series featuring former President William McKinley.

An example that won 43 auctions on eBay sold for a total of $7,425.

More importantly, it has a high rating of 64 EPQ, which has been certified by PMG, which sets it apart from the rest.

“These banknotes are usually folded, only very few have exceeded 63 or with epq,” the seller claimed.

The invoice serial number was G00307394A.

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A $1 bill could be worth close to $30,000 if it features a certain star detail.

And see which presidents are on paper currencies.

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