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TikTok: Who Is ‘Y/N’? Viral Trend Meaning and Video Explored


TikTok has another trend called “Y/N” on the app and it’s going viral everywhere. Although it is not new to find one trend or the other going viral on the app. However, some of the trends make users curious like this Y/N trend. As they are trying to know more about this trend and know its meaning.

Read on to know more about the Y/N trend going viral on TikTok.

TikTok finds another viral trend as the Y/N trend

TikTok over the years has grown into a really popular app. As more and more users joined the app. The trends and challenges on the app started to grow as a result of seeing so many trends on the app. Not only that, the trends going popular on the app weren’t just dance or lip-syncing trends. But even errors and glitches continued to become popular.

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Similar happened recently when the Y/N trend became popular on the app. While many videos have come under this trend. Some of the users were confused about the trend. While some began to search for the origin of the trend along with its meaning.

Who is Y/N on TikTok and what is making it popular?

In the Y/N viral trend on TikTok, we can find videos that have short clips of movies or celebs with the abbreviation Y/N. While some made videos giving reactions to the movie using the phrase Y/N. But just in case, you think Y/N is a person, then it certainly isn’t and the abbreviation stands for Your Name.

However, for all those who are trying to find where this trend started since then, it is believed to be a phrase of about 10 years. It became popular on Twitter, Tumblr, Wattpad, and more. The phrase just found its new craze back this year and its hashtag has been seen over 10 billion times.

User reaction to TikTok’s Y/N trend

There is no doubt that TikTok users are always eager to have one or the other trend to try. Therefore, they found that this Y/N trend is also good. Although some of them were confused about the meaning of the trend. Some have made videos on the trending hashtag.

In fact, on Twitter, we had users react to the trend. As some had a hilarious reaction to the trend because they had to explain the meaning of the trend to their friends who did not know about the trend.

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