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Tucker Carlson once again defends ‘really smart’ Andrew Tate


Fox News host Tucker Carlson has once again defended social media influencer Andrew Tate, who has been jailed in Romania.

The 36-year-old former kickboxer and his brother have been imprisoned in Romania since late December on suspicion of rape and human trafficking.

Carlson had previously described Mr Tate’s arrest as “clearly a set-up” which “resembles a violation of human rights”.

The right-wing Full Send podcast commentator called Mr Tate ‘really smart’ and ‘completely real’. He claimed the influencer’s imprisonment is a “conspiracy” by like-minded people who want the layman to remain unintelligent and easily manipulated.

Carlson said: “I’ll say it, I’m just being honest, there are some I miss about Andrew Tate, but the spirit that drives Andrew Tate is very clear and very obvious and that’s not the a whole malevolent spirit.

“Andrew Tate’s central message is self-respect. Act like you’re worth something. Achieve something. Do something. Get off the couch. Stop the porn. Like gonna do something with your life.

“…And I feel like that’s the greatest message anyone could give. And I mean that’s how I read Andrew Tate’s message. So okay sure, that tells you all about the threatening officials. How threatening is that?”

Carlson alleged that the same people who were on “Pedo Island” with sex offenders Jeffery Epstein and his friends Harvey Weinstein claim to be protecting women.

Mr Tate – a British-American man – has been based primarily in Romania since 2017 and is a self-proclaimed misogynist who has built up a following of millions of fans, particularly among young men attracted to his image.

Reports suggest Mr Tate sought to tackle allegations of rape and trafficking while in police custody by ordering associates to recruit two right-wing lawmakers to his cause.

He instructed two associates to tell politicians George Simion and Diana Iovanovici-Sosoaca he was being framed and supporting him would be ‘very good for their careers’, according to wiretaps of his phone calls being subjected to a court by Romanian prosecutors.

“So make it clear to them: You’ll get a lot of votes when Tate says you took their side,” Mr. Tate said in a Jan. 28 call to two of his associates.

Mr Simion denied the influencer had contacted him and told Reuters he would not publicly endorse the social media influencer if asked.

While a spokesman for Senator Iovanovici-Sosoaca said the tapped conversations were “lies” meant to attack him.

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