Uber Eats’ Super Bowl ad faces backlash for peanut allergy joke

(CNN) – Uber Eats is editing a peanut allergy reference out of its Super Bowl commercial after it faced backlash for making light of the condition, according to a food allergy advocate group.

The celebrity-heavy ad features a running joke about people’s forgetfulness against constant reminders that Uber Eats’ services go beyond food delivery.

One clip shows a man eating peanut butter while reading the jar’s label, seemingly forgetting there are peanuts in peanut butter. He is visibly having an allergic reaction and breaking out in hives.

In fine print, a notice on the ad says, “Please please please do not forget there are peanuts in peanut butter.”

The Food Allergy & Research Education Organization, a nonprofit focused on food allergy awareness, said Wednesday on social media that it was disappointed Uber Eats would make light of life-threatening food allergies.

The nonprofit said 33 million Americans suffer from the condition, which is no joke.

Following the backlash, Uber Eats said it will cut the allergy reference from its ad, according to FARE CEO Dr. Sung Poblete. She made the announcement Friday on social media.

“Thank you, Uber, for hearing our perspective and becoming a FARE ally. Together, let’s foster an environment where every individual is respected and health conditions are never treated lightly,” said Poblete in the video.

First appeared on www.westernmassnews.com

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