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Video: Florida Deputy Pulls A Gun On A Pregnant Woman Before Resigning From Duties


In a new development in Florida, a sheriff’s deputy resigned after body camera footage recorded him threatening to use a weapon on a pregnant woman during a traffic stop. After watching video of the incident go viral through social media platforms, the sheriff’s department investigated Jason DeSue’s bodycam footage and determined it violated departmental guidelines. He later resigned from the sheriff’s office after the incident. At 12:00 on Friday, August 19, pregnant Ebony Washington and her three children were stopped for speeding.

They were en route to Jacksonville from Gainesville, according to reports. She was reportedly going 75 mph in a 55 mph zone, according to Bradford County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason DeSue. In any case, Washington activated its emergency lights and kept going to find a bright enough place instead of being pulled over immediately. A deputy in Bradford County, Florida, has left his post with the sheriff’s office after serving in law enforcement for two years. His leadership, including a new traffic stop where he kept a mother from fire before her young, was so deplorable that the organization quickly made an announcement to distance itself from the former deputy.

Florida Deputy Allegedly Pulls Gun On Pregnant Woman

A Florida deputy has resigned after a video showed him threatening to use a gun on a pregnant mother during a traffic stop. Ebony Washington, who is four months pregnant, admitted to driving approximately 75 mph in a 55 mph zone with three other children in the vehicle while returning to Jacksonville from Gainesville on A week when she saw lights and sirens in her. rear view mirror. The lady claims that she would have preferred not to be pulled over in a low area, so she did not stop immediately and continued to drive with her emergency lights on until she got to where she felt more comfortable. Pull the vehicle over, or I’ll put you on the ground, Bradford County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Jason DeSue is heard saying in the body camera video over the speakers of -vehicle of his department area.

Ebony Washington’s vehicle pulls into a gas station and stops before DeSue exits with gun drawn. Assuming she makes any progress, that will be the last mistake she will make, DeSue yells at Ebony Washington’s vehicle, as indicated by the video. Trying not to move, Washington is seen putting her hands out of her vehicle, as DeSue points his gun at the woman’s vehicle from his own. The lady said the Florida deputy advised her to get out, however, she replied that she had her seat belt on. Video shows that then, at that point, she comes out, and the deputy pulls her arm and puts it in cuffs.

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