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WATCH: Mark Zuckerberg MMA training with UFC Fighter Khai Wu


By all accounts, no one would confuse Facebook founder and Big Tech boss Mark Zuckerberg with having a say in the UFC or mixed martial arts. Be that as it may, appearances are not consistently what they seem, and Mark Zuckerberg really does appear, by all accounts, to be the best fighter.

Ahead of Khai Wu’s appearance in Urijah Faber’s A1 Combat 5, Mark Zuckerberg shared a video of himself and Khai Wu competing together, highlighting him standing against ‘The Shadow.’ Mark Zuckerberg’s fighting game has earned the Meta Platforms CEO some props from many fighters, with Conor McGregor, Alexander Volkanovski and Aljamain Sterling among the people who remarked on an Instagram post.

During a new appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, Mark Zuckerberg said he got into mixed martial arts during the COVID-19 pandemic and currently trains with Dave Camarillo of Gorilla Jiu Jitsu. Mark Zuckerberg shared the “primal” nature of MMA and its power appeals to him, and similarly successfully recruited several companions to also begin mixed martial arts training.

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Shows Off MMA Skills With UFC Fighter Khai Wu

Mark Zuckerberg knows his way around a meeting room, and he’s not looking too bad on the carpets either. Facebook billionaire CEO and founder Meta Platforms reportedly shared a clip of himself training with MMA fighter Khai Wu on his social media account, and the video immediately became a viral sensation. Mark Zuckerberg, 38, similarly brought up the Khai Wu fight, which reportedly took place Saturday at Urijah Faber’s A1 Combat 5 in Wheatland, California, and will be broadcast live on UFC Fight Pass. The reaction to Mark Zuckerberg’s fight was very sure as he got remarks from Conor McGregor along with UFC champions Alexander Volkanovski and Aljamain Sterling.

During a recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, he reportedly got into mixed martial arts due to the COVID-19 pandemic and currently trains with Dave Camarillo of Gorilla Jiu Jitsu. Mark Zuckerberg also said that the primal nature of MMA and its intensity is what appeals to him, and in the same way he effectively recruited several companions to start mixed martial arts training.

From the very first session I did, five minutes, I was like, Where has this been for what seems like forever? Mark said. Well, my mom made me play three varsity sports and my life took a turn for the worse when I decided to take fencing seriously as opposed to wrestling in my daily high school schedule. Joe Rogan was among the individuals who commented on Mark Zuckerberg’s video. This is perfect! I am glad to see this, it is composed. Training looks healthy too!

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