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What did Gabbie Hanna say on TikTok? controversy explained


Mental health issues are becoming a major concern as recently TikTok star Gabbie Hanna’s 100 posts in one day on TikTok have left everyone worried. Well, we all know how important mental health is in one’s life. However, some of the rising fame of social media have been discussing the same issues as well. Although recently Gabbie’s post on TikTok is making everyone concerned for her.

Read on to know more about Gabbie Hanna posting 100 posts in a day on TikTok about all her fans.

Who is Gabbie Hanna?

Gabbie Hanna is a 31-year-old TikTok star who is growing in popularity on social media. However, she started posting videos back in the year 2013. Eventually, she found her fame on TikTok and other social media platforms as well. Not only that, she has got her good fan following on all platforms as well.

In addition, she is also popular for her book “Adultolescence” which came in the year 2017. In 2020 she had another book released as “Dandelion”. Her debut single “Out Loud” arrived in 2017. While she recently had another album called “Trauma Queen” also released.

Gabbie Hanna concerns fans after posting 100 videos a day on TikTok

Gabbie Hanna recently shared about 100 videos a day on her TikTok account. The number of videos on her TikTok account in one day must have concerned all her fans about her mental health. That she needed to take care of.

In addition, some time ago Gabbie said that she has bipolar disorder. In this disorder, as such one has frequent mood swings. Where one can feel emotionally high and low in the next moment. So her recent activity on TikTok gave an indication to her fans that Gabbie might want help.

Fan reaction to Gabbie’s 100 videos uploaded every day

Gabbie Hanna fans know that she has bipolar disorder and how it can be affecting her lifestyle and most importantly her mood swings. However, posting 100 videos in one day Gabbie’s fans were expressing their concern about the same.

Some fans wrote that Gabbie should take a break and needs a loved one right now. While one told Gabbie to rest and have a conversation with someone close. Admittedly, fans were trying to comfort Gabbie on TikTok with their comments.

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