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What Is TikTok AI Death Prediction Filter? Trend Explained


TikTok among its viral trends and challenges found a new trend about predicting one’s death using AI. Well, in the past too we have seen many trends that have the use of AI in it. However, this latest trend about predicting one’s death using AI is scary for many.

Read on to know more about the AI ​​death prediction trend going viral on TikTok.

AI death prediction trend goes viral on TikTok

TikTok is gaining many new trends. While some of them are amazing to try. Some of them did not get a good response from the users. Well, among all these trends, lately we are having some trends with AI. As the AI ​​filter creates art using AI.

Similar is the trend of predicting the death of AI as well. This trend is having a unique filter using which one can have a prediction about their death. Although the filter is going viral. Most of them found this filter to be awesome to watch.

What is making the AI ​​death prediction filter go viral on TikTok?

The viral AI death prediction filter is prompting users to put a phrase or something written into the filter’s search bar. The AI ​​then makes art out of what it predicts about his death. Although the filter gets some users to try. Some of them certainly do not like the filter.

Some time back, we had another such AI trend that went viral that created amazing art using AI. Although that wasn’t something as scary as the AI ​​death prediction filter trend. Not to be missed, users definitely gave their reactions to the trend.

User reaction to AI death prediction trend

Users love to try trends on TikTok that excite them. However not every trend is so exciting to try. As some of them can scare you or harm you too. So with the AI ​​death prediction filter too. Users gave mixed reactions.

While some users do not like the art created as a death prediction from the filter. Some must not have tried this filter. The reason may have been the foresight of art and death made by the filter. Not to forget, you can report any trend or video that seems inappropriate to you or seems to violate the terms and conditions of the platform.

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