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Wheel of Fortune fans erupt in anger after contestant busts over bizarre puzzle that’s ‘not even a real term’


A WHEEL of Fortune contestant went bankrupt in a way that bothered viewers at home watching Tuesday’s episode.

Tammy landed on the express corner, so she had to be correct with every guess in a puzzle that fans accused “wasn’t even a real term.”

Pat Sajak shaded Tammy and said she seemed to be ‘dreading’ the optional express puzzleCredit: ABC
Tammy still chose to go for it but ended up losing $5.6,000 but got stuck at this point


Tammy still chose to go for it but ended up losing $5.6,000 but got stuck at this pointCredit: ABC

The Arizona-based mum landed on the special corner, which meant she would continue to pick letters for $1,000 each.

Host Pat Sajak, 75, joked: “Is that fear on your face?” as she landed on the rare corner of all or nothing.

“If you miss a letter, you go bankrupt, are you going to do it or not?” he pressed.

Under the “thing” category, the three-word puzzle was half-solved and seemed doable.

The top word had only one letter missing from “Serenity” which she picked up.

Tammy then completed “And” but when it came to the third word, she looked confused.

With only an “ar” in “charm”, she chose an “L” because there were no more vowels.

His score of $5,650 was erased, a sad erase sound playing.

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“I’m sorry,” Pat said, looking down in disappointment.


Wheel of Fortune fans were ticked off as one wrote on Twitter: “@WheelofFortune ‘serenity and charm.’ What the hell? “

“Serenity and charm? How is that a ‘thing’?” wrote another.

“Serenity and charm… @WheelofFortune pull yourself together,” a third viewer even went so far as to say.

Tammy ended up not having enough money to participate in the bonus round.


Last month, Deb from Vail, Arizona went to the bonus round – and picked “the phrase” from three available.

The three-word puzzle lit up with letters, revealing a chalkboard that read, “-E LOVE —- .”

But without a single letter in the last five-letter word, it would have been nearly impossible to understand “We Love Pizza” – even Pat recognized it.

“Well, there are plenty of options,” he chuckled. “Just say whatever you can think and maybe the good thing will spread.”

Deb did just that, sweetly guessing “We love America”, “We love Wheel” and even “We love Vanna [White].”

“All these things are true but false!” Pat shouted. “I’m sorry,” he told the contestant. “The P might have done it for you, or maybe even the A.”

“That riddle was honestly just plain stupid!” exclaimed one person on Twitter at the time.

Another surmised: ‘When they want them to lose they’ll give them a puzzle with lots of Z’s and Q’s.

While one person simply wondered, “Has anyone actually said ‘WE LOVE PIZZA’ in their life?”

Tammy looked distraught as her score dropped from $5.6,000 to $0 in the optional express round


Tammy looked distraught as her score dropped from $5.6,000 to $0 in the optional express roundCredit: ABC
Fans screamed that


Fans screamed that ‘serenity and charm’ wasn’t even a real ‘thing’ or term at allCredit: ABC
Annoyed fans accused the game show of


Annoyed fans accused the game show of ‘wanting Deb to lose’ in November by giving her the ‘We Love Pizza’ bonus puzzle as a ‘phrase’

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