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Where to buy Jessi Europe Tour 2022 Tickets, Price, and Dates


Jessi, the Korean-American singer and rapper is all set to go on tour this year. Which made all her fans excited about her. She recently made the announcement about her upcoming tour on her social media account and even shared some key details like the venue and tickets on her social media page. So, when is Jessi coming with her tour?

Read on to know more about Jessi who is coming soon with her tour this year.

A little about Jessi

Jessi is a popular Korean-American singer and rapper who debuted back in 2005 in South Korea. It was also Uptown, the hip hop group. Further her association came with the trio Lucky J and then YMC Entertainment. However, in 2016 it dissolved.

After the end of the YMC Entertainment tie-up, Jessi’s next contract happened with Nation P. That started in 2019 and lasted until 2022. This year she did not renew her contract with P Nation. Details on this have been announced by the label only.

Jessi is coming soon with a tour this year

Jessi has plans for her fans this year as well. As she will soon arrive with her tour this year. Details about her tour were shared by her on social media. Jessi’s next tour will start on October 8th in Berlin.

A place that will be having its performance in five cities. Apart from Berlin, she will be going to London on October 10th. In addition, she will go to Paris on the 12th, Oberhausen on the 16th, and finally Barcelona on the 19th of October. Her tour post is available on Instagram for Jessi. Not to be missed, before her tour, Jessi is also at the Zoom in Manila concert that will take place on September 30.

Ticket availability: Jessi’s Europe Tour 2022

Jessi’s next tour will take place next month. Therefore, for this, you must grab your tickets as soon as possible before it is sold out. In a recent Jessi Instagram post, she shared details about her upcoming tour dates, venues and tickets as well.

For the five cities that Jessi will be touring in. She shared five different links. You can visit the link and grab your tickets from there.

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