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Who is Brittany Bell? Everything about Nick Cannon’s ex-girlfriend


American model Brittany Bell is expecting her third child with tv host Nick Cannon. The couple has been dating each other for a long time. Although the pair were in a romantic relationship with each other on and off. They even share two children with each other. While the third one is due soon. So, when are they due with their third child?

Read on to know more about Nick Cannon and his ex-girlfriend expecting their third child together.

The love life of Nick Cannon and Brittany Bell

American TV host Nick Cannon’s love life has always been in the spotlight. Since he dated many women in his life. Whether it’s Mariah Carey or Brittany Bell. Nick’s love life has had a lot of on and off dating. He even shares children with many of those women.

Brittany Bell, the American model on the other hand was Miss Guam who won the beauty contest in the year 2014. Her love life was mostly around Nick Cannon who went out with her and from her. Not to be missed, she even shares two children with the American tv host.


When did Nick Cannon and Brittany Bell start dating?

Brittany Bell was a beauty pageant. When she won the title of Miss Guam in 2014. The very next year she met the American tv host Nick Cannon. By that time Nick was already separated from his wife Mariah Carey. Although Mariah and Nick shared twins.

However, the love between Nick and Brittany happened. Post then they started going out and off. The couple then had their first child together in 2017, a boy named Golden “Sagon” Cannon. Their next child, a girl named Powerful Queen came in the year 2020.

Brittany Bell

Brittany Bell is expecting her third child with Nick Cannon

Brittany Bell is again expecting a child with Nick Cannon. The boy is due this year in the latter part of it probably. However, they already have two children together. A place where they decided to grow their family even bigger.

Not to be missed, though this is Brittany Bell’s third child with Nick Cannon. However, Nick has had children before with other partners as well. Therefore, the one owed to Bell will be his tenth child. Certainly, the couple is excited to have the baby soon this year.

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