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Who Is Cecilia Hanna? as She Breaks Silence After Lapd Visit Tiktok Star Gabbie


Gabbie Hanna’s sister, Cecilia Hanna has ended her silence after stressed out fans called the police to do a welfare check on her sister Gabbie Hanna. The TikTok star later revealed that her sister is fine. Like Gabbie Hanna, Cecilia Hanna is also very active on social media platforms and often posts content on the platform. After fans saw that Gabbie Hanna was acting unexpectedly, they chose to communicate their interests on Cecilia Hanna’s platform. While she hasn’t posted content for a while, Cecilia Hanna was quick to respond and address the users who were posting on her platform.

Like Gabbie, Cecilia Hanna is also a social media personality who constantly posts videos on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Currently, she has more than 400k followers. Before she became popular on TikTok, Cecilia Hanna used to post content on Vine. She was quick to attract the attention of individuals with her strange personality. It didn’t take long to earn respect and recognition on other stages of social media. Most of her content revolves around doing well-known TikTok trends or improv shows.

Cecilia Hanna Breaks Her Silence After LAPD Visits TikTok Star Gabbie Hanna

Gabbie Hanna visited the cops at her LA home on Wednesday August 24, after the social media star caused some serious trouble among her followers with a string of around 100 weird TikTok videos which is published in more than 24 hours. Amidst her barrage of TikToks of late, Gabbie Hanna said the police kept an eye on her and left her a welfare card. The LAPD, after receiving several calls urging the police to check on Gabbie Hanna, obtained a psychological evaluation team, which after discussion determined that she was not a danger to herself or any other person and allowed her to remain in her home, TMZ revealed. .

On Thursday at 9:35 am PT, Gabbie Hanna posted another TikTok video of herself in a hot tub, her initial upload in nearly 24 hours. In the text posted on the video, she guaranteed that she was handcuffed and detained by 5 officers who entered my home through the back door because I practiced my free speech and my religion. Then, at that point, they sent 2 psychological evaluation experts who almost took me to hospital but luckily I’m smart, educated, kind and brave. On another video right now shortly after, she expressed, THANK YOU, OFFICIAL, in a genuine way. Additionally, THANK YOU to each individual who called with concern.

While some had been waiting for Gabbie Hanna to reveal an insight into what happened, others considered and began to remark about her last post that was put on TikTok. Some were slamming the social media star for posting content on TikTok while Gabbie Hanna seemed to be in trouble. Nevertheless, she hastened to point out that the substance was placed before anything happened. Cecilia Hanna noted that this video was recorded and sent a full day before anything was happening or before we knew it. Cecilia stated that We are all in PA and she is LA, we do what can be possible from here. at the end of the day, you are all strangers on the net and there is nothing you should be worrying about. Cecilia Hanna ended the post by expressing a level of concern, we know and do what we can. it is grown. I’m a 20 year old guy on the opposite side of the country.

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