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Who is Melissa Downhill? Everything about her age, Family and Net Worth


Who is Melissa Downhill? All About Her Age, Family and Net Worth, #Melissa #Downhill #age #Family #Net #Worth Welcome to WhichLEDLight BlogThis is the latest news and trending broadcast we have for you today::

Melissa Downhill is one of the traders on The Bidding Room who joined the show in its second series. The 38-year-old trader runs Tinman Scrap Metal in Buxton, UK. She is also a BBC Flipping and Storage Hunters UK expert. Melissa is an antiques dealer.

Her biggest antique find is a “rare cocktail shaker from the 1930s” that was made of thick, heavy Bakelite. She is a multi-talented and stunning girl in the media.

Melissa Downhill at The Bidding Room and Flipping Profit

Melissa is one of the traders on the BBC One Series, The Bidding Room, in which a group of expert traders try to outdo each other to buy extraordinary items brought in by the public. She became one of the new dealers in the second series after the success of the first series.

She also thought of Flipping Profit. In this series, she experienced that those who make money from three different disciplines are put in competition with each other. Each episode brings together an antiques expert, a bike dealer, and an inspirational upcycler who then have one day to compete for the best deals in town.

Melissa’s Birth and Early Life

Melissa was born on January 30, 1982. As a result, she is 40 years old as of 2022. It falls under the Zodiac symbol Aquarius. Her place of birth is still unknown. Information about her family members is still uncertain.

She is also a very popular businesswoman. She runs a business with her husband Mark Drabble.

Melissa’s Professional Career

Melissa and her husband Drabble are the owners of Tin Man Scrap, a family owned metal recycling company that has been recycling scrap since 2010. They run their business in Harpur Hills.

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She was one of the traders of a popular British TV series from the second series. And he got fame from the series ‘The Bidding Room’.

Melissa’s Relationship Status

Melissa Downhill is married to Mark Drabble and has been together for a long time because they both have a similar degree of sympathy. Both run their family business which is waste recycling.

Melissa and Mark are one year apart in age. Two or three don’t seem old enough. They have been together for over 22 years since the couple met in 1999.


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