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Why did Rachel DeLoache Williams file a lawsuit against Netflix’s Inventing Anna series?


While Netflix’s Inventing Anna gained early viewers and cult prominence, Rachel DeLoache Williams, also known as Anna’s true friend, was not satisfied. On Monday, August 29, 2022, the former Vanity Fair employee and friend of Anna Sorokin, allegedly filed a defamation suit against the streaming giant over her portrayal in the series. According to Rachel DeLoache Williams, Netflix gave fictitious names to many characters in the series but did not do the same for Rachel DeLoache Williams and her protection. They used her real name and personal details, while also casting an entertainer who resembled her in several ways.

Rachel DeLoache Williams, former photo editor of Vanity Fair, has published an article about her experience with Anna Sorokin as well as a book called ‘My Friend Anna,’ which she sells the rights to HBO. Netflix’s rendition of the story is based on a May 2018 New York magazine article All Things Considered, and the network has paid Anna Sorokin for the rights to her story, as indicated by The Hollywood Reporter.

Who Is Rachel DeLoache Williams?

Rachel DeLoache Williams is an American author, photographer and editor. Rachel DeLoache Williams previously worked as a Vanity Fair editor and photo maker and rose to notable prominence as a former friend of Anna Sorokin, a confection artist who claimed to be a German heiress and scammed Rachel DeLoache Williams out of $62,000. After the scam, she detailed Anna Sorokin to the New York City Police Department and the New York County District Attorney, who assisted the police in locating and apprehending Anna Sorokin in Los Angeles.

In addition she testified against her in court. Rachel DeLoache Williams later composed an article about her encounters with Anna Sorokin for Vanity Fair in 2018, and has since written for Time and Air Mail, as well as authored the book My Friend Anna: The True Story of New York City’s Fake Heiress. Rachel DeLoache Williams was likewise among the real individuals depicted in the real-life show about the ‘false heiress’ Anna Delvey, also known as Anna Sorokin in Netflix’s Inventing Anna.

Why did Rachel file a lawsuit against the Netflix series Inventing Anna?

Streaming giant Netflix made a conscious choice for dramatic purposes to show Rachel doing or expressing things in the series that show her as a greedy, snobbish, unfaithful, unscrupulous, weak, manipulative and powerful individual, Rachel’s lawyers wrote in the suit, filed in Delaware federal court on Monday. The lawsuit claims criticism and deceptive light invasion of privacy and asks for actual and presumed damages, as well as punitive damages, however, they do not ask for a specific sum. In addition he requests a directive so that Netflix does not make any defamatory statements and the removal of the statements from the series Inventing Anna.

The suit lists several occurrences in which she is portrayed dishonestly, and recalls key scenes for which she drinks Anna Sorokin and then leaves her in Morocco. In reality, she never did or expressed those things, the suit continues. Because of her false Netflix image as a vile and despicable individual, Williams was exposed to a barrage of online abuse (and) negative personal interactions. The catastrophic damage to the position of Williams was avoidable and the makers of the Netflix show could have developed an imaginary person to give an antagonist, argue Rachel’s lawyers. The defamatory statements in the series were made by Netflix with actual malice, characterized as false information or reckless disregard for the truth or deception, the suit claims.

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