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Why is Gary Lineker in trouble with the BBC? What was said? And who is involved?


Gary Lineker has been relieved of his BBC Match of the Day duties – but what really happened?

A row erupted over impartiality after Lineker tweeted criticism surrounding the government’s new asylum policy.

Lineker was relieved of his Match of the Day duties

It led to a huge furor in the country which eventually saw the BBC take the 62-year-old off the air, while Ian Wright, Alan Shearer, Alex Scott and Jermaine Jenas told the broadcaster they would only appear not in the shows either. .

But how did we get here? And where are we going next?

What was said?

On Tuesday, Lineker tweeted a message from the UK Home Office, where Home Secretary Suella Braverman announced her intention to detain and return illegal migrants.

Lineker replied, “My God, that’s beyond awful.”

A Twitter user replied, in a now-deleted tweet, that Lineker was “out of order.”

Lineker replied, “There is no mass influx. We welcome far fewer refugees than other major European countries.

“This is just an immeasurably cruel policy directed at the most vulnerable people in language no different from that used by Germany in the 1930s, and I’m out of order?”

Who did Lineker anger?

Lineker’s tweet seems to have largely annoyed the Conservative Party, while his comparison to 1930s Germany was particularly offended.

Conservative Party Deputy Chairman Lee Anderson said: ‘This is just another example of how these overpaid stars are out of touch with the voting public.

“Instead of lecturing, Mr. Lineker should stick to reading football scores and flogging chips.”

Why is Gary Lineker in trouble with the BBC? What was said? And who is involved?
Braverman’s controversial asylum policy inadvertently got Lineker into hot water

Tory MP Bill Cash said: ‘I am really very angry that he is making such an extraordinary and outrageous insult, which is complete and utter rubbish. We try to help people who otherwise are taken by criminals on these boats.

Another Tory MP, Brendan Clarke-Smith, said: ‘It is not just insulting to this nation and the generosity of Britons, but also hugely offensive to the victims of one of the most evil regimes in history , against which we also fought and took many refugees. Since.

“Lineker is out of commission and needs to get out of his metropolitan bubble and learn some perspective.”

And Braverman responded by saying, “I’m disappointed, obviously. I think it is pointless to compare our measures, which are legal, proportionate and – indeed – compassionate, to Germany in the 1930s. I also think we are on the side of the British here.

Why is Gary Lineker in trouble with the BBC? What was said? And who is involved?
Lineker’s mention of 1930s Germany offended
Twitter: @GaryLineker

How did the BBC react?

The BBC said it would have a “frank conversation” with Lineker about his tweets on Thursday and his responsibilities.

The broadcaster has impartiality guidelines while chief executive Tim Davie insisted that impartiality was the main priority.

A spokesperson for the company said at the time: ‘The BBC has social media guidance, which is published. The people who work for us are aware of their social media responsibilities. We have appropriate internal processes in place where necessary.

“We would expect Gary to be spoken to and reminded of his responsibilities.”

Why is Gary Lineker in trouble with the BBC? What was said? And who is involved?
BBC Director General Tim Davie has insisted he prioritizes impartiality within society

But the ball has moved extremely quickly since then and reports broke on Friday that Lineker would initially be allowed to remain on duty.

He even tweeted, “Well it’s been an interesting few days. Glad this ridiculously out of proportion story seems to be fading and very excited to feature @BBCMOTD on Saturday.

“Thank you again for all of your amazing support. It’s been overwhelming.

But that changed dramatically when BBC chiefs demanded an apology from Lineker in a public statement and an expression to be more careful with his use of social media, which he refused to do.

This led to the decision to remove Lineker from his role as Match of the Day host on Saturday night, thus suspending their highest-paid star.

Why is Gary Lineker in trouble with the BBC? What was said? And who is involved?
Lineker is at the center of an impartiality dispute

What was the response?

The BBC was heavily criticized for its decision from all quarters, while Lineker co-presenters Shearer and Wright told the company they would not appear on Saturday’s Match of the Day show in solidarity.

That left the BBC scrambling for a replacement on Friday night, but everyone decided not to fill Lineker’s boots, including Jenas and Scott.

At around 9:30 p.m., the decision was announced that the show would go on but have no presenter or pundits.

Why is Gary Lineker in trouble with the BBC? What was said? And who is involved?
Ian Wright and Alan Shearer have announced they will not be appearing on Saturday’s show

Instead, a highlights stream would air on Saturday night, but even that plan was hampered when the six commentators set to work on the day’s matches, announced they would also join the boycott.

BBC commentator Steve Wilson said: “As commentators on MOTD we have decided to withdraw from tomorrow night’s show.

“We are reassured that football fans who wish to watch their teams can still do so as management can use World Feed commentary if they wish.”

And there were further repercussions when it emerged several players wanted to show unity with Lineker, Shearer and Wright and might not speak to the BBC.

As players are required to perform media duties, they could face fines, but the PFA and their clubs support any action taken by their members and employees.

Football Focus was also dropped on Saturday afternoon after hosts Scott and Jason Mohamed revealed they would not be taking part, with Bargain Hunt and The Repair Shop taking their place on the TV program instead.

Why is Gary Lineker in trouble with the BBC? What was said? And who is involved?
Scott has pulled out of hosting Football Focus

The resulting domino effect was not limited to television, with BBC radio station Radio 5 Live also affected after the departure of presenter Mark Chapman.

It effectively left the BBC without any of its own sports programming on Saturday in a huge day of football and rugby with Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester City all in action.

England will also face France in a decisive Six Nations match, but it remains to be seen whether this will be covered by the BBC.

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